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Our servicesAt the heart of our focus

We believe that in the current legal environment it is not possible to effectively represent our clients without specialization, accordingly, although we provide our services to our clients in almost the entire field of civil law with the help of our cooperating lawyers, our key areas of expertise are as follows, whose changes are constantly monitored by us and on whose fields we move cinfidently.


We represent our clients on a daily basis in civil litigation, so we move confidently in either plaintiff or defendant positions within the framework set by both the old and the new Code of Civil Procedure. We have particularly significant experience in litigation for the enforcement of certain claims (utility debts, surcharges, loan debts, etc.), as well as in litigation on the defendant's side in representation of financial institutions and factoring companies in case of lawsuits for the invalidity of contracts and for termination of enforcement procedures. We also represent our clients in various lawsuits, so we have experience in damages lawsuits, warranty lawsuits and property protection lawsuits, among others. In case our client doesn't speak Hungarian language, we place great emphasis to always explain the current state of the procedure and our expectations about the further events.


Representation in enforcement proceedings

We provide mass receivables management services to several of our clients in connection both with uncovered receivables and with mortgage covered claims in a variety of constructions. Our services cover soft recovery processes as well as legal enforcement, so we undertake to enforce claims without the need for completeness by initiating payment order proceedings in bulk, through cenforcement lauses or by initiating liquidation proceedings in case of B2B claims. In addition, taking over the representation in the enforcement proceedings already in progress is not a problem either. In the course of our receivables management activities, we follow a proactive approach, so after exploring the cases, we propose to the Client the procedure to be followed, and in the ongoing procedures we check the status of the procedure at regular intervals. At the same time, in the case of mortgage-backed claims, we also try to contact the debtors directly in order to get our client's claim from the collateral satisfied through voluntary settlement as soon as possible. We provide our receivables management services in several schemes, so from the purely "no win no fee" agreement to the mixed fee scheme, the issue of attorney's fees is the subject of an individual agreement.


Debt management in Hungary

In the context of globalizing market conditions, there is a growing demand on the part of our foreign clients to be able to enforce their claims against their non-compliant Hungarian partners as soon as possible and in a more transparent manner. Our office strives to serve this need in connection with the enforcement of B2B claims and, following a polite but goal-oriented procedural protocol, provides a helping hand to its clients primarily in enforcing the debtor's debt voluntarily or, if not, enforcing the claim in a legal way as soon as possible. In recent years, our office has gained experience both in the field of European order for payment procedures, in connection with the execution of European account preservation orders in Hungary, and in the field of liquidation proceedings initiated by foreign companies, which experience we successfully use for our clients.


Debt management abroad

In recent years, as an independent market player, we have built relationships in the international receivables management market, so we can say that in almost every country in Europe we have cooperating partners who can help our Clients in enforcing their receivables. As each country's practice is different, although it can generally be said that soft enforcement is on a success fee basis, we always start the process by requesting a quote from our international partner, and our client may decide to proceed depending on that. Overall, however, we can provide an efficient service to our customers so that they don’t have to act in person in a country where they have no local knowledge.


Other legal services

In addition to the above areas of expertise, our office is also available to its clients in other fields of civil law, in particular our clients can count on us in the full spectrum of real estate and company law. We contribute to the prudent operation of our clients and the protection of their rights by drafting and commenting contracts, either on an ad hoc basis or on the basis of a framework contract. Our firm also works closely with several other law firms, so we can provide effective support to our clients in special areas of law, such as IT law or media law.