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Our fees

Our office provides its services to its clients in different pricing schemes by prior arrangement. Since no two cases are the same, it is important to emphasize that we can only quote for each order in full knowledge of the case, whether it is an hourly fee, a purely successful fee scheme or a flat fee.

The prices below are indicative net prices and are subject to an additional 27% VAT. The attorney's fee incurred for the performance of each assignment does not include the costs ocurred in the proceedings, our office is not obliged to advance them.

Fee of consultationfrom110,- €

In case of personal consultation in English, calculated after each started hour.

Success fee in Hungary 7-9%

Depending on the nature and amount of the claim.

success fee abroad14-20%

Depending on the country of the debtor.

Litigationfrom110,- €/hour

Calculated after substantive legal activity.

Real estate contractsfrom120.000,- HUF

0,5-1% of the real-estates value.