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Where we came from

The range of services we provided was initially represented by the legal representation of various factoring companies, financial institutions and public service providers, within which the primary task was to enforce receivables in great numbers as cost-effectively and quickly as possible, whether they are secured or unsecured receivables. In practice, this meant that up to thousands or tens of thousands of claims were submitted by each of our clients, which claims were enforced by soft collection, warrant for payments, in litigation procedures or otherwise, depending on the type of claim and the underlying legal relationship.

This area, and in particular the enforcement of mortgage-backed bank claims over time, has led our clients to be represented in various enforcement and invalidity lawsuits, which has gradually become the area of ​​expertise of our office, and currently we are slowly approaching the thousands of lawsuits in which our office has represented financial institutions or debt managers in recent years.

International debt collection

In parallel with the above, we realized how vulnerable the B2B segment is in the absence of appropriate experts willing to sacrifice time and energy to do so when it needs to enforce its claim against a partner domiciled in another country. In response to the continuous market demand, we opened up to the international debt management market years ago, and thus our office represents foreign companies against Hungarian debtors, and through our partners we help our domestic clients to successfully collect their receivables from their foreign debtors.

Our debt management activity can be divided into parts: primarily by seeking the most efficient and cheapest solution for our client, we contact the debtor directly in the framework of the so-called soft collection and try to persuade them to perform voluntarily. In case of failure we assess the possible legal remedies, their expected costs and - depending on our clients decision - we provide representation in legal proceedings against debtors.

Our approach for work

We are aware that our clients turn to us because we have the expertise that our client needs. Nevertheless, we do not want to pretend that our profession is an activity that is abstract and incomprehensible to non-professionals. Our goal is to treat each case with the same care as if it were our own case, and our client should be aware throughout that of how their case is, what their legal options are, and what to expect. That is why we place special emphasis on ensuring that our clients receive adequate information on all relevant events as soon as possible.

We also know that when we act on behalf of our clients, then we are often identified with our clients. With this in mind, our colleagues are not only determined, but also direct and friendly when communicating with debtors, as we typically talk to our Clients' business partners, so it is important for us to maintain the good professional reputation of our clients and the already established client relationships.

Who are we?

The founder of our office is Dr. János Balajthy, a lawyer who obtained his law degree from the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University after his American studies, and then, after passing the professional exams, he is a member of the Budapest Bar Association. Over the years, he has worked closely with some of his colleagues, so our firm now works with five gihly trained lawyers specializing in different areas of law in almost the entire spectrum of civil law, be it litigation, claims management, real estate law, media law és company law.